They tried to kill him – now he wants revenge. Someone is killing old spies. Retired and forgotten, these relics from the Cold War are being removed—quietly and brutally. And when “Section D” MI5 agent Tom Marlowe, on medical leave after a botched mission learns his old mentor is one of the murdered ex-agents, he starts an investigation that threatens to cost him his career, his freedom… and even his life. Uncovering a conspiracy linked to

Jan 2020

Target Locked

On the run, all alone – and marked for termination. British MI5 “Section D” agent Tom Marlowe has been burned, his Security Services clearance deleted, and his protection from foreign agencies removed. Now on the run from assassins with old scores to settle, Marlowe accepts an offer from retired CIA associate Brad Haynes to stay with him in New York. but as ever, Brad has a reason for calling his friend across to the East Coast. Burned from

Jan 2020

Covert Action

TBA Released June 2023