“By the time you read this, I will be dead…” When Victoria Davies was pushed off her stately home’s roof in 2001, all evidence pointed to her husband Michael. But now, twenty years later a letter has appeared, written by Victoria before her death; a letter that was never received, and a letter that brings new suspects into the fray; Labour MPs Shaun Donnal, Andrew MacIntyre and Charles Baker. But

Apr 2021

Murder Of Angels

One murder… One suspect… One victim… Yet two identical bodies have been found… For DI Declan Walsh, life is finally returning to normal. Finding a home at DCI Alexander Monroe’s Last Chance Saloon Crime Unit, Declan and his team; DS Anjli Kapoor, DC Billy Fitzwarren, Doctor Rosanna Marcos and her assistant DC Joanne Davey are still recovering from the fallout connected to their most recent case, while Declan is cleaning out his late father’s home in order

Apr 2021

Hunter Hunted

“We need to hunt a killer… It’s you, Declan…” Following on from the events of MURDER OF ANGELS, when an old friend of DI Declan Walsh is murdered and an old enemy restarts their vendetta against him, he’s placed in charge of solving the case alongside his fellow detectives in the Last Chance Saloon Crime Unit; DCI Alexander Monroe, DS Anjli Kapoor, DC Billy Fitzwarren, Doctor Rosanna Marcos and her assistant DC Joanne Davey, realising in the process that somewhere in Whitehall

Sometimes the quietest villages have the loudest secrets… Ten years ago, DCI Patrick Walsh found himself hunting The Red Reaper; a serial killer so cunning that every body found with his calling card was reluctantly classed as a suicide. Never seen, never found, never caught.  Now, DI Declan Walsh, suspended and on injury leave following the harrowing events of HUNTER HUNTED, finds himself pulled back into this unsolved case of his late father, when a series of new bodies start to

Apr 2021

To Hunt A Magpie

One for sorrow… Two for death. Thirty years ago a group of five child detectives; Tommy, Luke, Tess, Jane and Daniel, along with their dog, Dexter made the national press with their crime solving. Nicknamed the Magpies, their adventures were written up as novels by author Reginald Troughton and released to children around the world, including a ten-year old Declan Walsh. But now, someone is targeting the Magpies, with Reginald brutally murdered while writing a last, ‘lost’ adventure. And DI Declan Walsh

Thrice cursed. Thrice bound. Thrice damned. When the body of a famous television academic is discovered in Greenwich Park, carefully positioned beside a megalithic stone fountain and missing a hand, DI Declan Walsh and the team of the Last Chance Saloon find themselves not only involved in a case that connects to the supernatural, but one that also involves 17th century architects, Ley Lines and a secret, black market organisation that specialises in particular occult items; some that date all the way

Dying on stage is easy. When Dave Manford, founding member of 80’s band Alternator is electrocuted live on stage during a London comeback concert, DI Declan Walsh and the team of the Last Chance Saloon are brought in to investigate whether it was a simple accident, or vicious murder. However, as they investigate further they find the surviving members of Alternator in the middle of a multi-million-dollar rights sale, a band whose lead singer disappeared in 1998 and

Sometimes revenge is a dish best served cold. After a fatal poisoning in the Michelin-Starred restaurant of celebrity TV chef Leroy Daniels, DI Declan Walsh and the team of the Temple Inn ‘Last Chance Saloon’ Command Unit find themselves in the middle of a multi-sensory gastro war, following an investigation that takes them deep into the dark kitchens of London, all vying to become the next breakout venue–no matter what it costs to get there. But Declan

Jan 2020


Don’t ask. Don’t tell. Don’t die. Before he was a policeman, DI Declan Walsh was a Corporal in the Special Investigation Branch of the Royal Military Police, leaving after a case went terribly wrong, ending with Declan and his SIB partner, Lance-Corporal Moses killing the main suspect of a case in self defence. Now, over ten years later and after the shocking events at the end of A DINNER TO DIE FOR, Declan

To be the king – you need to kill the king. When East-End gangster and ‘frenemy’ to the Last Chance Saloon, Johnny Lucas, is accused of murdering a London gangland rival in his boxing club, he claims his brother was the killer. The only problem though is that his brother, Jackie, is actually Johnny’s multiple personality. Pulled in to prove the case, DI Declan Walsh and his team soon realise that Johnny might be as innocent as he claims, as a new player is in town,