Jun 2021

To Hunt A Magpie

One for sorrow… Two for death. Thirty years ago a group of five child detectives; Tommy, Luke, Tess, Jane and Daniel, along with their dog, Dexter made the national press with their crime solving. Nicknamed the Magpies, their adventures were written up as novels by author Reginald Troughton and released to children around the world, including a ten-year old Declan Walsh. But now, someone is targeting the Magpies, with Reginald brutally murdered while writing a last, ‘lost’ adventure. And DI Declan Walsh

Dec 2023

Stealth Strike

The critically acclaimed, internationally bestselling Tom Marlowe series continues! Roll the dice – before your luck runs out. Ex-British MI5 “Section D” agent Tom Marlowe has been burnt, his Security Services clearance restricted, and his protection from foreign agencies in discussion. Added to that, the gift his late father gave him – a gift he doesn’t want – has painted a target on his back so large, it can be seen from space. Now, alone and unsupported, Tom must