Sometimes the quietest villages have the loudest secrets… Ten years ago, DCI Patrick Walsh found himself hunting The Red Reaper; a serial killer so cunning that every body found with his calling card was reluctantly classed as a suicide. Never seen, never found, never caught.  Now, DI Declan Walsh, suspended and on injury leave following the harrowing events of HUNTER HUNTED, finds himself pulled back into this unsolved case of his late father, when a series of new bodies start to

Nov 2023

Counter Attack

Some debts can only be repaid in blood. British MI5 “Section D” agent Tom Marlowe has been burnt, his Security Services clearance restricted, and his protection from foreign agencies in discussion. Now back in Whitehall following the events of Covert Action, Marlowe is the bottom of the ladder again, doing the jobs nobody else wants, while keeping his nose clean. But secretly, he’s been returned to full status – weapons hot – and has been tasked with infiltrating