Hunt the greatest treasures – pay the greatest price.

Damian Lucas is a Robin Hood conman, specialising in taking money from corrupt companies and donating the proceeds to museums and libraries. One step away from danger at all times, he’s currently hiding from the Russian Mob and furious industrialists, each with valid reasons for hunting him.

But, when Richard Evans, a onetime mentor and family friend is found dead in Deptford beside the last known resting place of Christopher Marlowe, Damian is sent a message from beyond the grave that sends him on a treasure hunt across England; one that links Elizabethan occultists, secret societies, William Shakespeare, Richard III, alchemical architects, Queen Elizabeth I and the War of the Roses, all leading back to a mythical Plantagenet Gold, brought back from the Crusades by Richard the Lionheart, hidden by the Knights Templar, and believed to be worth trillions in today’s money.

But Damian isn’t the only one hunting the treasure. Forced on the run with SO.14 agent Katherine Turner, a mysterious woman with her own connection to Richard, Damian finds himself hunted by alt-right poster boy billionaire Martin Shrewsbury, as the cryptic clues take them from historical landmarks to the most dangerous of places, and Damian learns the truth about his parents death, years earlier…

The first novel in a series of adventure mystery thrillers by #1 New York Times bestselling writer Tony Lee writing as Jack Gatland, The Lionheart Curse is perfect for fans of Dan Brown’s (The Da Vinci Code) Robert Langdon series of books and Steve Berry’s (The Templar Legacy) Cotton Malone series of books, among others.