All that glitters isn’t gold…

Meet disgraced ex-DI Ellie Reckless, a self-proclaimed cop for criminals‘, and the person the underworld calls when they can’t call the police.

When a truck owned by the Italian Luccesi family is hijacked in Kent, Ellie and her team are brought in to locate it – but Ellie knows there’s more going on, as nobody fights this hard over Extra-Virgin olive oil.

With an Italian matriarch in the midst of a vicious takeover bid, and two sons fighting over who replaces her, Ellie learns the hard way that the missing ‘olive oil’ is, in fact, there to hide over four million dollars worth of illegal product, smuggled in through customs, providing enough funding to end the war one way or another.

But was it taken by a rival, or by one of her own blood?

And, as Ellie weaves her way through family politics, hit squads and violent murder, her team are placed in fatal crosshairs, as Tinker Jones also finds herself in the midst of a vicious attack from her army past, one that could end everything for her…

The second book in a new series of procedural crime thrillers by#1 New York Times bestselling writer Tony Lee writing as Jack Gatland, and spinning out of his bestselling DI Declan Walsh book series, Steal The Gold is perfect for fans of J.D Kirk, L.J Ross, Ian Rankin, Alex Smith, David Gatward, Rachel McLean and Ann Cleeves, among others.