To be the king – you need to kill the king.

When East-End gangster and ‘frenemy’ to the Last Chance SaloonJohnny Lucas, is accused of murdering a London gangland rival in his boxing club, he claims his brother was the killer.

The only problem though is that his brother, Jackie, is actually Johnny’s multiple personality.

Pulled in to prove the case, DI Declan Walsh and his team soon realise that Johnny might be as innocent as he claims, as a new player is in town, claiming to be Johnny’s brother Jackie in the flesh, a man who shouldn’t exist yet can prove he does, is starting to carve out his own empire.

And as old foes appear with their own agendas against Declan, and as Central London becomes a criminal warzone not seen since the days of the Krays and the Richardsons, Declan finds himself facing a criminal mastermind with more than power on their mind…

…and Declan is the next pawn to be taken off the board…

The tenth book in a series of procedural crime thrillers by #1 New York Times bestselling writer Tony Lee writing as Jack Gatland, Heavy Is The Crown is perfect for fans of J.D Kirk, L.J Ross, Ian Rankin, Damian Boyd, Alex Smith, David Gatward and Ann Cleeves, among others.