Don’t ask. Don’t tell. Don’t die.

Before he was a policeman, DI Declan Walsh was a Corporal in the Special Investigation Branch of the Royal Military Police, leaving after a case went terribly wrong, ending with Declan and his SIB partner, Lance-Corporal Moses killing the main suspect of a case in self defence.

Now, over ten years later and after the shocking events at the end of A DINNER TO DIE FOR, Declan is approached by his old mentor, Colonel Yates to return to the SIB as a consultant, as the body of Moses has been found on a research base in , hidden for almost two years, and a piece of paper with Declan’s name on it is their only clue as to who did it – or how.

With DCI Monroe alongside him, Declan finds himself returning to a life he thought long gone, in the process not only investigating the events that led to Moses’ death, but also learning of an underground fight club between regiments with fatal results, finding himself confronted by old enemies with scores to settle, and working with a Ministry of Defence Police detective with a chilling connection to Declan’s past.

And when the other members of the Last Chance Saloon arrive, tasked by the new Prime Minister to investigate a stolen weapon from the same base, Declan realises that not only are these two crimes connected, but they’ve been created deliberately to ensure that both Declan, and those he cares for, are now in the firing line…

And this time, it won’t be Declan who lives to tell the tale…

The ninth book in a series of procedural crime thrillers by #1 New York Times bestselling writer Tony Lee writing as Jack Gatland, Behind The Wire is perfect for fans of J.D Kirk, L.J Ross, Ian Rankin, Damian Boyd, Alex Smith, David Gatward and Ann Cleeves, among others.


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Jack Gatland is the pen name of #1 New York Times Bestselling Writer Tony Lee, who has been writing in all medias for over thirty years including comics, graphic novels, middle grade books, audio drama, TV and film for DC, Marvel, BBC, ITV, Random House, Penguin USA, Hachette and a ton of other publishers and broadcasters on licenses such as Doctor Who, Spider Man, X-Men, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Doctors, Wallace and Gromit and Shrek. As Tony, he’s toured the country talking to reluctant readers with his ‘Change The Channel’ school tours.

He’s currently a member of the Writer’s Guild of Great Britain, the Society of Authors and the Crime Writer’s Association.

As Jack, he’s writing a new series of Crime Thrillers starring Detective Inspector Declan Walsh, recently seconded to the City of London Police department known as the Last Chance Saloon.

The first eight of these, LETTER FROM THE DEAD, MURDER OF ANGELS, HUNTER HUNTED, WHISPER FOR THE REAPER, TO HUNT A MAGPIE, A RITUAL FOR THE DYING, KILLING THE MUSIC and A DINNER TO DIE FOR are available now, with book nine, BEHIND THE WIRE released on 13th February 2022 – with further adventures continuing throughout 2022.

In addition to that, the first book in a new series of Adventure Mysteries starring Robin-Hood style con-man forger-turned treasure hunter Damian Lucas, THE LIONHEART CURSE was released in January 2022.

But, rather than expecting you to instantly buy a book, it’s only fair that you can read a sample of Jack’s work.

So, if you join the Jack Gatland Readers Group, you’ll receive a free DI Walsh ebook – LIQUIDATE THE PROFITS – a full story and a prequel to LETTER FROM THE DEAD!

Please note, that this is also the only way to read this book individually, as it will not be for sale alone on Amazon!

Jack hopes you enjoy it, and hopes to share many more Declan Walsh adventures with you.


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