On the run, all alone – and marked for termination.

British MI5 “Section D” agent Tom Marlowe has been burned, his Security Services clearance deleted, and his protection from foreign agencies removed.

Now on the run from assassins with old scores to settle, Marlowe accepts an offer from retired CIA associate Brad Haynes to stay with him in New York. but as ever, Brad has a reason for calling his friend across to the East Coast.

Burned from working with any allied agency, and with only old friends and disavowed spies to rely on, Marlowe finds himself fighting to clear a kill-list order on a high-flying environmental lawyer, before she takes down a criminal corporation in a high-profile court case – but can he stay in the shadows to do this, or will his hunters lock on target once more?

Gripping, thrilling, filled with action and written by New York Times #1 Bestseller Tony Lee writing as Jack Gatland, Target Locked is his second Tom Marlowe thriller, and is perfect for fans of the Bourne movies, Burn Notice, James Patterson, Mark Dawson, Lee Child, Mick Herron and Robert Ludlum, among others.